Benelli Post Office Gun


Richard's pump action, made of black plastic and blacked steel - usually referred to as the light sabre. We've all had a go with it but we all forget to rack the damn thing for the second target or do so only after a shouted reminder to do so. You wouldn't want it as your main shooter, unless you were in the Bersaglieri or something, but it is fun to shoot, at least the first cartridge is. Despite its looks, it is really well made and looks as if it will last a life time. Also considering what you can pay for a wood and metal semi or over and under, this thing was dirt cheap. Richard only paid about £300 for it new, from a gun shop not renowned for its sale bargains. He says he wanted it for a family member, but we all know the real reason he bought it.

We know they're not 'proper' shotguns, and they wont be appropriate for some types of shooting, but if you are looking for a fun second gun, don't have a load of cash and dont want to try your hand on the second user market then one of these would be an ideal