Browning 325, Grades 3 and 5


Brilliant guns


Usual shooters for Manny and Scouse. Let's scotch the rumours now, Scouse did not get his gun from the back of a Cortina in Liverpool, he bought it and he says there are witnesses to the transaction. Anyway, they both have lovely wood and a nice bit of engraving if you like that sort of thing (and they do). The 325 exudes a real quality and finesse that modern guns don’t quite have, some gunsmiths will tell you that the 325 is the best gun Browning ever made, we wouldn't know enough to be able to contradict that statement, even if we were so inclined. Quality, quality, quality guns, the barrels are such a deep lustrous blue you are destined to to look in them and know yourself. Even after a long hard life the 325 can be rebuilt to almost as new depending on how well you have looked after the wood. Still readily available on the second user market, they keep their value well, so sure fire bargains are pretty rare. Make sure you mention your 325 in your will, cos you will definitely handing it on to the next generation.


Here's a snap of Scouse's Gd5 after he got it back from the gunsmith. The gun was bought from a comedy gun shop in the midlands, it was sent off to a gunsmith who serviced it, renewed pins and springs, removed and stripped the existing finish and refinished the wood. It really is a bit of a beauty. Shame about the gun slip though.