Browning 725 2020 Model

Brilliant Gun


Robins latest pride and joy, though when you've got a Baikal in the gun cabinet, that aint hard. Only took it out for the first time in June at Sporting targets so we dont have a lot of feed back yet. Just looking at it though it has nice clean lines, with a subdued '725' flash on the metalwork. The top lever is black and the barrels have a finish of dull black rather than the usual deep blue/black. We all had a go with it at our last outing, it isn't a light gun but despite this it is very well balanced, very pointable, a delight to shoot. 

Stop Press, Robin says the Baikal went some time ago, but we reckon he is saying that because of the shame of being outed on the interweb, in front of all his freinds..


Robin's 725, nice huh?

The 725 is a bit of an offshoot development of the 325-425-525 line that we are used to. The receiver has been reduced by about 4mm in height to give a lower profile than Browning shooters were previously used to. This has been achieved by reducing the amount of metal underneath the lower breech where the barrel 'hook' and the locking slot are found. Browning say that they have reduced height and weight, but have not compromised on strength. The ejectors look and work the same as in previous models. The reduced height of the barrel assembly has allowed a the reduction in the height of the receiver, and this in turn has led to a slightly different stock shape. So apart from dimensions, the outside looks like a development of the earlier X25 guns. However the innards are very different. The 725 has a mechanical trigger rather than an inertia one, difference being that a mechanical trigger doesn't depend on the recoil of the first shot to set the trigger for the second shot. We may be imagining things, but the latest guns have a much more attractive fore end with a bit of 'belly' to it. The earliest guns had an ugly straight fore end terminating in an unattractive 'beak'.. you'll have to take a look at some photos to see what we mean. Whatever the benefits or otherwise of the changes Browning have implemented, the 725 looks to be growing in popularity. There are more and more of them to be seen around clay grounds.