Browning Fusion Semi Auto


Brilliant Semi Auto

Despite his great age, and being a farmer, Manny had nil experience of a semi autos. However after shooting one for the first time he became addicted. (It's a recognised medical condition BSAS*). Manny went looking for a Browning Semi. He ended up with a neat little Fusion Evolve. He says he shoots better with it than his 325, so it may become his primary shooter. The gun has got 26 inch barrels, multi chokes and a few flourishes engraved into the receiver (nothing too continental you understand). Wood is not bad at all on this one, quite a bit of figure, and a nice finish, It's got that brilliant feature of Browning Autos - 'Speed Load'. When the gun is empty with the bolt locked back, just feed a cartridge into the magazine, and the mechanism automatically loads it into the breech and closes the bolt for you. None of us understand what dark form of sorcery is behind this, (Robin generally says a short prayer when Manny loads up) but it's a real nice feature that turns Beretta owners green with envy. If you are in the market for an auto loader, and you can find one of these that hasn't been abused, then you can get yourself a great little gun. Needs cleaning though, and occasional lubrication!

Especially for you Beretta owners here is a short video showing the incredible Browning magic known as Speed Load. The gun is a Gold but the feature works the same on other Brownings. You own a Beretta? Watch and weep.

* Browning Semi Auto Acquisition Syndrome.