Browning Medallist

We have to tell you that the Browning Medallist is not a Browning. It is a cheap Italian made gun, with the Browning name attached. We're not even sure if it has a Browning badge on it, maybe when it was new the box had a Browning logo? The Medallist may be a great gun, it may not, it may be exceptional value for money, we simply don't know. We have nil experience other than looking at the odd one in a gun rack. 

We assume someone in the Accounts department at Browning must have thought that a cheaper badge engineered gun would generate some revenue at the lower end of the market, perhaps it did, but there is no Medallist in the current European catalogue. .


So if you want one it is going to be a second hand gun. But what it won't be, is a Browning.