Cartridges are like chokes, there is much debate about which type of cartridges offers which particular advantage. Some folks are advocates of as much lead in the air as possible, others take the more refined view that pattern beats volume every time. Then of course there are those folks who believe that it is entirely sensible to put as much lead as possible into as good a possible. 


In terms of the Elm Farm Boys and their selection criteria: Dave doesn't like recoil, Manny doesn't like plastic wads spread around his fields. Scouse is not proud, he will borrow cartridges from any of us, and Richard usually has a few of the classic 1936 paper wrapped, horsehair wadded, Acme Excelsior Superior Grade black powder 3 1/4 ounce shells in his pocket along with whatever else he can find at the back of the cupboard. Robin and Simon are wedded to their 27g Hull Superfasts, but in reality we tend to buy  cartridges like we buy wine in a restaurant; look at the cheapest one on the menu, assume it is no good and then buy the next cheapest.

As a champion shot once told me.. 'even cheap cartridges are better than you are so dont worry about it, buy cheap and shoot more'.