A discussion of shotgun chokes is a debate about faith and science. There are so many facts, opinions, imponderables and (to us) unknowns that firm conclusions are hard to come to. Thus the Elm Farm Boys tend toward a very simple view: Install quarter and half and forget about them. Half choke is the best all rounder, so make sure you have half in one of the barrels, and something looser in the other, skeet or quarter, and you are good to go. Sure, if you are a world class shooter you might get an incremental value on some targets by changing a choke, but for many of us, providing you dont install full and extra full, it isn't going to make that much difference. You will get much more value by focussing hard on the target, than by having a pocketful of chokes.


We take the view that for most of us, for most of our shooting, shotgun chokes represent a marketing opportunity for choke manufacturers. Most of us simply dont need the plethora of choke sizes that are available, never mind that they are all available in flush fitting and extended and extended ported, steel or titanium, colour coded or laser etched text. In any case none of us has a clue about gauging distance accurately, so wouldn't be able to say what the best choke for the target would be.

Like the great Technoid, who sits in splendour in the Colonies, the Elm farm Boys may often be in error, but they are never in doubt