Guest Shooters

From time to time, out of magnanimity of spirit we allow other shooters to join us to shoot, and learn from our mistakes. We have given some of these guest shooters a page of their own, to make them feel special.


Primary Shooter

Manny's 325 when he can get his hands on it.

Occasionally borrows a semi from Dave.


Secondary Shooter

There was an old Lincoln over and under with a double

trigger, lying about. Not sure if this is still usable. 

Cartridge choice

24g fibre wads  

Greatest shot gunning achievement

Never paying more than £35 for a perm.

Best thing about shooting

Getting a straight on a stand

Worst thing about shooting

Missing more than 50% of the targets on any particular stand.

Hot shooting tip

When you have one of those daft teen age fringes, copied from some ridiculous high pitched boy band, dont get a proper haircut, get a perm at the local women's hairdressers. That way you can arrange your coiffure so that you can actually see the target.  I refuse to pay more that £35 for a perm, that way I have money left over for shooting,


Primary Shooter

Browning 325

Secondary shooter


Cartridge choice

Eley 21g

Greatest shot gunning achievement

None that I can think of.

Best thing about shooting

Just being out with the shooting deities that are the Elm Farm Boys.

Worst thing about shooting

Having to take out my ear rings to get my head down properly on the stock.

*note that Nicola has not been out on a formal EFB shoot, but she has shot with some of us at

Kibworth and Wedgnock, hence her inclusion here.