The Elm Farm Boys on Trap

The Elm Farm Boys will shoot DTL occasionally, but no one has really taken to it. Maybe it's because trap needs (for us) unachievable levels of focus and concentration. We're out to have fun, critique each others shooting and comment at length on every missed target. Trap doesn't allow us to do that, but English Sporting is tailor made for the way we like to do things. Even the walk between sporting stands allows for plenty of analysis as to why Simon only hit 2 of 6, and why after hitting three pairs straight, it's quite possible, even ******* inevitable, that we'll miss the last pair.

That said we've shot trap at every ground that offers it. We're not that bad at it, though some of the Boys take a view that every clay needs a double tap irrespective of whether the first barrel breaks the clay or not.

I guess at the end of the day we're just not trap shooters, though of course we can respect those who are... and wonder why, just why?