Miroku MK38 Gd1 Trap 32in barrels


Brilliant Gun


David's primary gat. Its got an adjustable stock which is a waste of time cos it is set as low as possible. Because of the extra weight at the back end (the metalwork in the adjustment mechanism) it has a larger than standard fore end to compensate. Action is the well known and loved Browning action, immensely strong. The barrels are nicely blued, being a trap gun it has two white beads and being a trap gun it has the thick Miroku recoil pad at the back.  I guess the pad must have some recoil absorbing effect, but I'm not sure I could quantify it. The fore end is the usual trap beaver tail, not as elegant as the Schnabel, but I guess no one ever hit a target whilst contemplating the relative merits of various fore ends. It fills the hand and feels pretty solid, so we can leave it at that. Overall the whole package feels well finished and refined. It started life choked 3/4 and full, but like many others, this one has been modified to have Teague thin wall chokes installed. Even with 32 in barrels it balances nicely around the hinge pin, and despite its weight, it can still seem quite lively. The catalogue says it weighs a little over 8lbs and using 21g shells the recoil is negligible. Its a bit of a lump to carry around all day though. Being a grade 1 the woodwork is nothing special, but it is tight grained and pretty dense. Miroku's grade 1 engravings are nothing special either. They really ought to have just a small Miroku logo or something on the metal work of the grade 1, but it looks like Miroku have based the grade 1 engraving on a runner up entry from a pre school crayoning competition. While it is well executed, the engraving pattern is just plain gauche. (The grade 3 and grade 5 patterns are really quite nice). That said the utter brilliance of the rest of the gun, means that owners are prepared to live with it.