Pie of the Shoot

Shooting and eating go together like, er, well shooting and eating. A firm foundation for breaking clays is the immense calorific intake of the fabled Full English, offered by many shooting grounds, but sometimes the best ones are found at truck stop cafes, on main roads close to where we shoot. 


Then there is the post shoot refreshment, usually a form of the great British pork pie. Refer here to get the Elm Farm Boys view of some of the best pies available in the United Kingdom. Tasting notes will also cover the vexed question of mustard (English) vs no mustard.

Stilton and Chilli Jam topped Pork Pie

These about a fiver each at 2020 prices,

they are made by a small family butcher

in Melton Mowbray.


These are truly excellent pies, there is

none of that disgusting jelly that the big

manufacturers inject into the pie to take

up space and reduce cost, these are full

and I do mean full of pork. The Stilton top

is melted on at some point and adds a

real depth and mix of flavours. The chilli

jam may be overkill, in our view it doesn't add to the eating experience but neither does it detract from it. On the Elm Farm Boys Index of Pie Excellence (IPEx), this one scores a hefty 9.2/10. Largely because of the Stilton.

Mustard? definitely not, whilst the pastry may not be the most delicate the other flavours are too sophisticated to stand the overpowering taste of proper English mustard. 


Pork and Chicken Pie

Another one from Leesons, a mix of pork and 

chicken. This pie is just so disappointing. After 

the ecstatic heights of the stilton topped pie

the pork and chicken has little to offer in the 

way of flavours, The chicken just seem to 'bland' the 

the whole pie down. Another disappointment 

is that this one is injected with that awful jelly, 

and that seems to seep into the pastry making 

it too moist. IPEx score , 2.35/10, very poor.

Mustard? definitely, you need the mustard to wake this one up.

Melton Mowbray Pork and Game Pie


to be reviewed soon