We mentioned the Cynergy elsewhere on the site, so we thought we share a picture so that folks know what we are talking about. Pretty sure Browning launched the black plastic gun in the UK well before they launched the wood stocked model.


So, it is the year 2004, Facebook isn't a thing yet, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is sworn in as President of Indonesia, and you are looking for a new gun. Would you go for a Browning with black plastic furniture? No, neither did most other folks.


Maybe we're being a bit harsh, but we just don't see any of these guns around and about. Would you have preferred the walnut stocked version, even with those futuristic lines?  Well just maybe.


Nowadays there are plenty of guns that look quite futuristic and yet gain a wide acceptance, maybe the Cynergy was just a few years too far ahead of its time. 

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