The Elm Farm Boys on Skeet

Well some of us don't much like it, so there is usually a lot of moaning when anyone suggests doing a round of skeet. So much so that the Elm Farm Boys eschew this particular discipline in favour of just about anything else. You wonder why the hate though, it's only a mix of crossing, quartering and going away birds, none of which are distant, so why folks dont like it is a bit of a mystery...


Unless it is because skeet is so compact, it doesn't take very long to shoot, and as the trek between the shooting pegs can take as long as 5 seconds, the whole round is over so quick. There is a real, perhaps misplaced, sense that you get more for your money shooting English Sporting, It all takes so much more time - you have to trudge between stands, you forget the claymate counter and have to go back for it, you look at sighter pairs, you debate distances, you have to get the gun out of its slip, ask who wants to go first and so on. When all that is sorted, we all rummage through pockets and bags to find some spare cartridges for Scouse because he hasn't got enough and then after the first pair there is a long discussion about where they were missed, and how much lead it needs - English Sporting takes a good deal longer to shoot, and Manny says it feels like better value for money. Manny is a farmer. 

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